Saint Laurent Has Opened A Coffee Shop In Paris


Major fashion houses have turned their attention from the atelier to the kitchen by opening luxury cafes in major fashion cities; and this time its Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent has become yet another brand who’ve taken the initiative to shift their service from selling luxury goods to also selling perishable items. They opened their first coffee shop in its Rive Droite creative space next to its store in Paris on September 15, just in time for Paris Fashion Week which began today. The Rive Droite cafe features top-to-toe black marble interiors, in line with the brand’s identity, and will offer an assortment of coffee options and baked goods.

It was only a few months ago that Fendi opened their own pop-up cafe in Harrods in London, and has since become a cataclysmic trendy place-to-be. So, why go to a designer-label cafe as opposed to your local, independent one? It is widely known that the majority of customers purchase luxury goods to buy into a brand’s name and identity, and will often buy these expensive items to show off to or gain acceptance from others or to reward themselves for an accomplishment. When this ideology is applied to a designer-label cafe, where you’ll be able to buy a designer-label coffee, customers can now buy this luxury experience for a fraction of the price, whilst still showing off this brand name.

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