The Best Cafes In Seoul You Need To Know

Nowadays, the coffee industry has evolved, the olds traditional coffees had made place for new types of original and tasty coffees all around the World, but especially in Seoul who is a huge and important player in the coffee industry rising up. And we thought about you, here in Miuse, and like it’s winter season, more than ever you’ll need your cup of coffee, to stay awake and warmed.


Thinking about D’ssent coffee, it’s immediately thinking about “minimalist” and “chic”, and that is what D’ssent embodies. Its neutral colors and relaxing atmosphere are worth the visit.


Finding Cheesecake & Coffee C27, it’s like finding heaven on earth. The particularity of this coffee line in its enormous menu and its decor that is absolutely mesmerizing, it’s like you’re in the middle of a Magazine’s set.

What is absolutely surprising it’s the fact that each floor of the building has a special theme for it, you don’t even need to find new places to take pictures, you’ll just have to change floors.


When you decide to go to Arriate Cafe, you accept to experience a true living dream, this is THE must go of the list. Arriate Cafe knew how to differentiate itself through its incredible decor & flowered ceiling. It’s like you were living with mother nature herself, and a latte café in supplement. Honestly, it is the best place to stay warmed and surrounded by the living plants when it’s raining in Seoul, the atmosphere is definitely pleasing, relaxing & idyllic.

Main Image Credit: (@doridolee)