How 1 Hotels Is Changing The Eco-Hospitality Industry

Eco-hotels are soon to become the next-big-thing, and US-based boutique chain, 1 Hotels, is pretty much leading the way for that change. With hotels in Central Park, South Beach, West Hollywood & near the Brooklyn Bridge, 1 Hotels offers an eco-friendly hotel experience where it cultivates the best of conscious design, and sustainable architecture with extraordinary comfort and an unrivalled level of service. 1 Hotels was developed with the simple idea the nature isn't just beautiful but it changes the way we feel.

I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can, a responsibility that I believe we all share. 1 is more than a hotel – it’s a philosophy and a platform for change.
— Barry Sternlicht, CEO & Chairman at 1 Hotels.


From its ‘Save Our Shores’ campaign to its plastic reduction programme, the hotel actively seeks new ways in which to do its part in protecting the planet. In your room you’ll find hangers made from 100% recycled materials, shower timers to remind you about water waste and, instead of hotel notepaper, there’s a reclaimed chalkboard for notes, while key ‘cards’ are made from five different types of recycled wood. In the grand scheme of things, these are all tiny details, perhaps, but, multiplied across several properties, they all add up to substantially cut down on waste.

While the dedication to being mindful about the environment is noble, and a good direction for the future in the service industry, it doesn’t overshadow the commitment to offering guests a good time, and we are more than sure you’ll have a great time there.

Main Image Courtesy: @1hotels