Gender Neutral Brands To Support This Season

London Fashion Week may have ended for most last week but many queer designers continued to showcase their talent over the weekend. Members of both fashion and queer circles filled the halls of the V&A Museum of Childhood to watch the London Queer Fashion Show. With twelve designers showing their collections and upwards of one-hundred LGBTQ+ models, there was one clear message: fashion has no gender.

Stating that they do not believe in ‘the constructs of women’s and men’s clothing’, the London Queer Fashion Show focuses on the important part of fashion: expressing yourself authentically and looking good whilst doing it. This is a key idea that many LGBTQ+ people centre their love for fashion around and events like these enhance this even more.

As many queer people identify outside of the two binary genders (male and female), gender neutral brands and collections are often a necessity when it comes to curating the perfect wardrobe. Some progressive brands have begun to consider that people who identify as non-binary or intersex (to name a few) do not want to shop under the titles of women’s or men’s clothing, and create new collections to be representative of these groups. But gender neutral brands make up only a fraction of the fashion industry and big brands that do attempt them are often met with failure.

Due to it being such a new and imperfected territory, it is understandable that it can be difficult for brands to get it right. When the queer community talks about gender neutral collections, they aren’t always looking for the term ‘unisex’. This usually means that it will consist of a multitude of baggy grey jumpers and ill-fitting plain white tee-shirts. Gender neutral fashion means clothing made for everyone, no matter whether they look like they are geared towards one market or another.

Obviously with the current political climate and people’s reluctance to understand the complexity of gender, these brands and collections continue to be a rarity. But some brands are moving in the right direction and are unapologetically ditching the label. Here’s a few revolutionary creatives making their unique mark on the fashion world:


With its eco-sustainable approach to manufacturing and designs to suit any body, Olderbrother is making strides in both the sustainable and gender-inclusive markets.

The brand uses natural dyes and avoids any contact with harmful metals and toxins. Their process remains eco-conscious by using organic cottons and other sustainably sourced materials.

Their focus is on self-definition (there is a strong sense of androgyny throughout the collection) and therefore ensures that their range of garments is tailored perfectly to fit all people.

Collusion by asos

In spite of being swamped amongst the fast fashion and mainstream market, ASOS has recently contrived a collection which presents much more neutrality in their designs.

Though filtered by gender (something which is avoided by their other gender-inclusive competitors), Collusion offers clothing that is geared towards all genders.

Perhaps more unisex than inclusive, Collusion seems like the perfect brand for queer people who want to add a certain drama to their wardrobes.


Established in 2005, Telfar’s mission is simple: ‘it’s not for you - it’s for everyone’.

With bags and accessories that look flawless on any gender, there is no doubt that the fashion brand will continue to soar within the queer community.


Radimo does exactly what a gender-fluid clothing brand should, offer inclusive products in an affordable way.

Most gender-neutral brands market their products to the luxury market, leaving many queer people underrepresented. This is unlike Radimo, who have a wide range of products whilst also supporting the talents of minority groups.

One dna

Though coined the leaders of the ‘unisex’ trend, One DNA has found a way to fuse dressing sensibly whilst also maintaining a flare which many queer people look for in a brand.

The New York based company offers several basics but also have a range of brightly coloured outerwear and accessories, perfect for the Autumn season.

One DNA is undoubtedly a trailblazing brand as fashion goes gender-less.

With less focus on the label of both one’s gender and the clothing they decide to dress themselves in, fashion and society can begin to see more collections of dresses and tailoring made to measure for not only cisgendered and transgender people, but for those who do not want to label themselves at all.

featured picture: one dna via instagram

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