What NYFW Left Us

Now that New York Fashion Week is over, we can take a look at what the busiest schedule of the month left us.

“There are no rules in the fashion game now.” Vogue stated this in the early 70s, and that’s how we feel about the chaotic yet beautiful mixture of pieces New York delivered; fashion is going back almost 50 years in the Big Apple before taking over the world in six months. No show was similar to the previous one, there was no similar pattern of cuts, fabrics, palettes, themes, and so fourth. This was not even made evident in big fashion houses that already have an established aesthetic. Anyone was able to find a collection that matched their opinion on clothes, and that’s what the 70s were about.

Spring 2020: Proenza Schouler by Ulrich Knoblauch // Zimmermann by Tatiana Katkova // Tom Ford by Adam Katz Sinding // Brock Collection by Erin Baiano // Dion Lee by Claudia Smith. Fall 2019: Tommy x Zendaya by Gann Rawinantanadda.

1970 started and young people were caught in a battle between sticking to the rebellious hippie-trend and mimicking other fashion decades. As a result, comfort and nonchalance won and any-and-everyone in any city could see clothes going from long calico dresses to micro-minis, and from earth tones from head to toe for the hippie chic aesthetic, to the first glimpses of neon the 80s would proudly own.

Some of the old trends present in the spring 2020 collections were hippie dresses, peasant blouses, pantsuits, maxi dresses and maxi coats, jumpsuits, floppy hats, Victorian corsets, polka dots, paisley, florals, and lots of denim. And not to mention the colour palettes, ranging from minimalistic neutrals to metallic hot pink.

Opinions on New York Fashion Week always vary but we can all agree on how these first days of September brought at least one collection that you will remember and reminisce for a long time.

Spring 2020: Anna Sui by Corey Tenold // Marc Jacobs by Alexandra Arnold // Brock Collection by Erin Baiano // Brandon Maxwell by Corey Tenold // Helmut Lang by Tanya and Zhenya Posternak.

Main Image Credit: @dorota_koach

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