"The Usual, Please." Single-Serving Wine Bottles Worth Trying

Image source: usualwines Instagram

Image source: usualwines Instagram

San Francisco-based, online wine retailer Usual Wines has been gaining more press as of the past year. Launched by founders Matt Duke and Rachel Vodofsky with the mission in mind to not only change how we buy wine, but reinvent it. Not to mention, their Instagram is of the utmost quality in terms of visuals. As temperatures steadily dwindle, the air gaining a sharp crisp feel as university students alike flock to the first source of wine to warm up during holiday parties and get-togethers, gone are the options of a bulky boxed wine, canned conveniences, and full-sized bottles shoved into way-too-small bags. Those stashed bottles notoriously lose their quality in flavor, leaving expectations a bit dull for some wine drinkers. With no cork to twist off, nor a bottle opener to fashion out of a pair of scissors, keys, a blow torch, you name it—these perfectly sized bottles solve every problem.

You can simply grab a glass straight from the fridge and go from there, no thought required. The convenience factor is the overall theme of what makes Usual Wines rather amazing. Buy a box of 6, 12, 18, or 24 glasses, single flavors or mixed, and have it shipped right to your front door. This has made it super easy for the majority of Usual’s customers and clients, including sponsorships with brands that need catering, or a simple drink with some snacks to supply promotional events.

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Buyers have a few limited options when picking their poison, but current offerings include red cabernet sauvignon/zinfandel, (limited edition) white, and rose. As for the red, sustainably sourced grapes are at the heart of production in San Francisco Sonoma County farms. The E-commerce site describes their red option as what appears to be the “perfect balance” of flavors including fruitiness, age, and oak.

A bright, satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate, and fresh violets. Our red blend is expertly made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

For the offering of limited edition white wine, September 4th of this year was the official launch—which sold out a few short weeks after on September 28th. The original offering was a light, dry Brut. The flavor profile includes notes of lemon, elderflower, and bergamot. At a 12% total alcohol content, fans of the offering on Instagram continue to ask for a restock.