The Sustainability Edit: Pieces To Feel Good About

Sustainability. It’s more than just a buzzword. According to the Oxford dictionary, the use of it has exponentially increased in usage since roughly 2008 onwards. Of course, the term has popped up in every channel known to connect your eyes to the media, including localized news. With the most recent, large effort in New York City’s UN, or the Global Climate Strike—it has now occurred to all of us that this is something not just having to do with clothing.

According to Wikipedia’s definition,

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion. This means dealing with interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems. It also means considering fashion from the perspective of many stakeholders - users and producers, all living species, contemporary and future dwellers on earth. Sustainable fashion therefore belongs to, and is the responsibility of citizens, public sector and private sector. A key example of the need for systems thinking in fashion is that the benefits of product-level initiatives, such as replacing one fiber type for a less environmentally harmful option is eaten up by increasing volumes of fashion products.

The clothing industry can be shockingly unethical. Some, if not all, fast fashion brands mistreat their workers by subjecting them to extreme working conditions. On top of that, The Business of Fashion states that second only to the oil industry, fashion is the most polluting. (and wasteful) Though this year in particular brands have been much more open to developing sustainable products, and fully embrace its’ importance. For instance, Adidas made a bold move towards committed sustainability early 2019 by fully phasing out all virgin plastic fibers used in production by 2024—a challenge to competitors such as Nike to do the same.

Now, as Fall approaches along the Western hemisphere of the Earth, keeping warm in a great, sustainable outfit is at the forefront of things on our to-do list. Ahead is a curation of every feel-good piece that does good to the environment, and the people who made it.

It comes in every color imaginable.

Everlane cashmere crew

Get a kick out of these Americana kicks, made with 100% ethically sourced leather.

VEJA V10 Nautico Leather Sneakers

The very best of Ref jeans, made from unsold pairs of denim.

Liza High Straight Jean

This jacket was made with exactly 15 recycled plastic water bottles.

Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer

Vegan and sustainable leather only.

Friday by JW PEI Mini Flap Bag

Perfect for layering; made with upcycled gold.

Catbird Adjustable Sweet Nothing Chain