The Ultimate Fashion Week Playlist

For those involved in Fashion Week—we’re talking New York, Milan, London, and Paris—the entire month of September has brought nothing but endless runway shows, afterparties, and of course, some memorable remixes from show DJs. We’ve seen some sustainability strides from luxury brands within recent weeks from Chromat, Collina Strada, and worthy of mentioning fish skin fabrics used by Parisian brand, Courreges. 

The main course as we all know, is the fashion. The visual pieces are what makes the show, and of course this presents an artistic, memorable take for brands. We’ve seen some performed acts of stumbling from models showcasing their pieces at Maison Margiela, and that certainly wowed the crowd. As I first watched this from the screen of my laptop, a bell rang in my head to times I’ve watched live visual performers in what appeared to be an elaborate, wordless ballet show.

What many of us fail to appreciate during runway shows as we keenly watch for the greatest pieces to buy and write about— is the dessert of the show. The musical production, which oftentimes goes overlooked. Just as important as the clothes, it can only heighten the overall experience. 

Usually when watching snippets of shows, there’s a certain style of music most tend to lean towards. Firstly, it has to be good walking music. By that I mean songs are remixed and chosen with a solid tempo for models to stride to, without falling behind by even a minute. This is where female DJs Bearcat and Mobilegirl come in. Body-inclusive brand Chromat has some history with Discwoman Bearcat over the years, including playing some of her essential industrial, dark-sounding scores for Chromat: Body Electric, a documentary on the fashion brand that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. She brought the life to Spring Studios high up on the third level, adorned in one of Chromat’s iconic and sleek Lycra one-pieces. This year for Chromat’s 10 year anniversary, Bearcat also performed and created the soundtrack for the New York show on September 8th.

Additional live sets include Jean Raymond’s live gospel choir, Londoner Nilüfer Yanya's performance at Ulla Johnson, and indie show specialized performer (and Tessa Thompson’s sister) Zsela sang a custom medley at Collina Strada’s environmentally conscious show. During Paris Fashion Week, Liberian-American designer brand Telfar’s audiovisual SS2020 show was accompanied by a screening of The World Isn’t Everything, as well as an additional music performance by Lancey Foux and Parisian DJ Crystallmess. 

Below is a curated playlist inspired from Paris and New York this month. These artists together create an experimental, electronic sound overall, with some indie and lo-fi moments.


  1. “In Your Head” — Nilüfer Yanya

  2. “Dyed 2WICE” — Lancey Foux

  3. “Noise” — Zsela

  4. “Vanguard”— DJ Richard

  5. “Work It (Soulwax Remix)”— Marie Davidson

  6. “Don’t Go There”— 24k

  7. “Beaten Track”— Mobilegirl

Main Image Credit: @vogueportugal on Instagram.