Latest Beauty Trend: Microcurrent Treatments

Anti-Aging has been at the forefront of beauty for centuries. From serums to creams to weird facemasks that you have no idea what’s in them, women have tried anything and everything to get their skin looking as it did when they were 10 years old.

The newest trend in eternal youth is microcurrent treatments. These treatments are special for their “non-invasive facelift” potential. The process is simple. You take two wands (one being positive and the other being negative) and you run them along the skin with some space between them. What the wands do is they run an electrical charge between themselves and that charge is what tightens your skin. These treatments were originally used medically to treat Bell’s Palsy and other muscle disorders. Now they’ve found a new home in women’s bathrooms.

How exactly did they go from doctor’s offices to sitting next to your teeth whitening strips? Patients noticed that these treatments worked pretty well in tightening areas that may be drooping or not as “together”, especially those who received treatments on their face. Naturally, the beauty industry looked into this rather quickly. Soon there were spas all over the world that offered microcurrent treatments as a way to revitalize skin and make it look more youthful. After a while that wasn’t enough and brands started to create at-home tools for women to use. Fast-forward to today and microcurrent treatments are the hottest beauty trend.

Women always have and always will want perfect glowing skin. With fashion month well under way, attendees and models alike want to have the best skin possible. Many shy away from botox because of the social backlash others have endured. Microcurrent treatments are an easy way to wake skin up and get it looking healthy and on track for the runways.

Lacey DelapazComment