Behind the Hype: Glossier.

Whether you consider yourself a beauty guru or just a makeup amateur, you probably have heard of Glossier. The brand was founded by Emily Weiss, who runs the blog Into the Gloss, and is known for promoting natural makeup on a healthy skin.

"Skin first, Makeup second.”

I’ve tested both skincare and makeup products from this brand and I have mixed feelings about the latter. Being from France, I’ve always adopted the natural makeup look and have been blessed with amazing skincare products from iconic beauty brands such as La Roche-Posay, so when I heard about this foreign brand that has been hyped up by so many beauty enthusiasts across the world I really wanted to try it.


Regarding their skincare products, I’ve tested their Balm Dot Com in Mango, their latest flavour. Overall this Balm is amazing. The texture of the paste is really nice and works wonders, my lips stay hydrated longer than any other lip balm I’ve used in the past (which says a lot) and the scent is sweet and refreshing (and literally smells like mangoes). Concerning the product I don’t have anything to bad to say, but there is just one thing that I would have liked to have and that would be an angled applicator because the current applicator is difficult to apply directly on the lips.

Their priming moisturizer is good but to me it isn’t the best. It nourishes your skin but not very intensely which is definitely something I look for when buying a moisturizer. I’d recommend SVR’s Hydraline moisturizer.

Glossier has a range of three serums, and I’ve tested two of them. Super Pure is a niacinamide based serum which really helps with spots and small acne. I like to apply this at night and put on some moisturizer over it. This serum is definitely one of my favourites to use. On the other hand, Super Glow is a vitamin C based serum, and doesn’t really do anything to my skin. It does feel refreshing when applying after a night out but that’s about it.


Glossier’s makeup range is very natural but still offers some colours to play with.

The brand’s iconic product the Boy Brow, is their bestseller and I can understand why. This brow gel is awesome and stays on all day without smudging.

Haloscope is a really nice and is the perfect everyday highlighter. The natural light kisses the product and creates the perfect shimmer to structure your face in addition to being moisturizing.

Lidstar and Generation G are two different products but their application and result are very similar. Both products have light coating and needs to be applied several times for it to ‘pop’. Lidstar is Fawn is absolutely gorgeous and highlights my blue eyes perfectly. Generation G in Zip is perfect for those who love the classic red lip look but don’t want to be noticed too much. It also does not smudge so feel free to have a drink without fear of having red lipstick all over your glass. (bonus, it’s also kiss proof.)

I love this brand but after thorough research on beauty platforms, I’ve decided not to purchase products such as their Stretch Concealer because of its too-natural formula which doesn’t cover nor enhance your under eyes. Glossier recently launched Glossier Play, a new range of makeup that’s a bit more festive and features glitter and metallic colours. After watching and reading some reviews, I’ve chosen to wait for the brand to update their formulas and change their packaging before trying it out.

Paloma Beer