Self Tanners To Swear By This Summer

As the UK faces a copious burst of unexpected weather this July, it seems as though getting that much desired natural tan is pretty much unattainable from just lounging in your back garden this summer. Though the August forecast is looking just as unpredictable, there’s an easy solution for those who yearn for that sun-kissed glow.

Self tanning may be a risky business for some, put off by the displeasing scent and streaky finish. But with the right one, what’s a little artificial help amongst friends? Here’s a few to consider next time you want to look like you’ve just got off the plane from Bali with a golden tan.


Though possessing a much more fragrant scent to most self-tanners, this tinted moisturiser leaves you with a gradual olive coloured tan. Available in both cocoa butter and coconut oil formulas, it is the perfect tanner whilst also acting as an invigorating moisturiser. Best applied using your hands, this is perfect for anyone who likes to avoid the hassle of a tanning mitt! But like any other tanner, it is important to give time for this formula to dry as contact with fabrics can end in a streaky disaster!


Perhaps a go-to for many self-tanning users, St Moriz still deserves an honourable mention because who doesn’t enjoy something that’s cheap yet effective? In the case of this silky formula, a little does go a long way when applying with a tanning mitt. Enhancing your skin with a brighter hue than those tanners that include bronzers,


From the sunny beaches of Australia, it is hard to fault Bondi Sands. With a range of shades and products and smelling like coconut heaven, it is a go-to for many - including myself. Giving you a striking tan for days, there is no fear of streaks or patchiness (as long as you’ve exfoliated and applied correctly!). This tanning foam can definitely hide a multitude of sins.


This natural looking and long lasting self tanning mouse is causing a huge stir on Instagram at the moment, and for good reason! With a Vio-7 formula and anti-orange technology, there’s no chance you’ll end up with the infamous Trump tan, instead you can relish in a fresh bronze look. Norvell pride themselves in being the provider of a golden glow to the team at BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and if it’s TV worthy, it is definitely a product to invest in.

With hopes that the UK may brighten up soon, perhaps we can beckon the sun by dousing ourselves in some liquid gold. And if it doesn’t work… well, at least we will all look during these dismal summer days.

Tom LeggComment