Meet our team

At Miuse we pride ourselves on having a global team of creatives, focused on bringing you the latest fashion and sustainability news and insights everyday, and sharing it to our readers across our online media platforms.



founder and editor-in-chief

Erika Hanson is a 20-year old Fashion student, now completing her final year at Ravensbourne in London. She was born-and-raised in Gibraltar, which inadvertently shaped her interest in fashion, and since has worked for companies like ELLE, Condé Nast, Stella McCartney and more!


Bethany crowley

Content contributor

Bethany is a fashion design student currently living in Derbyshire, England. As well as her love for design, Beth adores writing for Miuse in her free-time. She one day hopes to launch her own fashion brand that strongly supports values of being all sustainable and ethical. She aspires to have a positive impact on the fashion industry and change things for the better.



Content contributor

Lacey recently graduated from university and is hoping to break into the digital media world. She loves exploring the world of fashion and the endless possibilities it holds. She aspires to have her own magazine that showcases up and coming talent across all creative professions.



Tom legg

Content contributor

Tom is a 20-year-old Multimedia Journalism student at the University of Essex where he spends most of his time when not at his home in Buckinghamshire, England. He is going into his third and final year where he hopes to specialise in fashion and magazine journalism. He has experience with BBC Radio and local newspapers, but now enjoys contributing towards Miuse in his free time. His writing mainly focuses upon fashion, sustainability and LGBTQ+ issues.



Content contributor

Shivani Trivedi is a 20 year old student from London living and studying in Scotland with a particular interest in sustainability, fashion and politics. She enjoys looking into and writing about ways that our readers on Miuse can follow fashion trends whilst simultaneously caring for our environment, alongside writing about ways to improve your lifestyle, travel and beauty.



Content contributor

Ashleigh is a third year University student studying Fashion Image Making and Styling. She focuses on sending messages of strength through her work, and her writing, focusing on how to better ourselves, promoting confidence and be the best versions we can be. When she’s not writing she’s styling and taking photographs everywhere she goes with all her favourite mediums like film and handycams. She has previously worked for the likes of Cottweiler and done personal work for Universal Studios.





Lola Rei is a 19 year-old Sworn Translation (Spa/Eng) student, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Apart from being a fashion enthusiast and a hard-working young woman through and through, Lola is also interested in philosophy and sociology, and when she’s not coming up with a article for Miuse, she tries to educate herself on those topics to propose new and different ways to have a positive impact on society with a loud and clear voice.



Content contributor

A first-year university student studying public health administration with a creative love for the art of fashion. Most often found out and about listening to her Spotify playlists & daydreaming about where she plans to travel next.


Kasey Gregory

Content contributor

Kasey Gregory is a third-year university student studying Marketing and Communication Studies. When not sipping a coffee and pacing the New York City streets, she enjoys reading and staying informed about sustainability and diversity in fashion while also catching a few local concerts. She’s worked PR events such as Tribeca Film Festival and wouldn’t trade her experiences in the big apple for the world.


Nathan Quesada


Nathan Quesada is a 20-year old fashion student from the United States who was born in Costa Rica and raised in Washington state. He completed a degree in apparel merchandising from Seattle Pacific University and is currently working towards a master’s degree in international management and design innovation from the University of Glasgow. His interest is in the realm of the luxury fashion business. In his free time, you’ll find him listening to music, browsing various fashion publications, or trying out new restaurants and cafés.

Anna Perczynski


My name is Anna Perczynski, I’m 18 years old and from Germany. I graduated from high school this year and did my Abitur. Right now I'm taking a gap year, working as an Au Pair in London. After that I want to study something journalism related, preferably fashion journalism and and media communication.

paloma beer


Paloma is a 19-year old business student, who’s currently studying in London, Turin & Berlin. Born in Boston and living in Paris her whole childhood, she pursues an international lifestyle, with an interest for art, fashion, photography and music, that she wishes to develop later into a business career in a creative environment.