Mach and Mach - 2019's major catch.

This brand has been one of my absolute faves for a while now and I thought why not write a new article about them because I know if I didn’t know about them already I would love to know. Before I go into any sort of detailing I think the one thing which is important about Mach and Mach is the individuality and pure thought that clearly goes into the brand. It channels more than just anything fancy women’s fashion, it includes all the grungy sides and kind of like men’s rugged-ness too. Mixing heels with 3m laces and soles, super blingy gorgeous diamond dresses with 3m trousers, it’s like the clothing brand I would make if I could. Mixing extra girly with masculine.


Mach and Mach was formed in 2012 by two sisters, Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili. They have so many amazing influences and I think honestly you can tell they are more than just clothing from looking at the items anyway, they’re expressions. Pulling from pop culture in the 90s, sci-fi, the Matrix, Blade runner. They focus a lot on individuality, expressing more than femininity through the feminine clothing, their FW17/18 collection was based on a thought of “a free, powerful and strong woman, a girl who is not afraid of rules and does everything she wants.” Which is a clear message throughout their work. Expression through fashion is so strong and something which I do myself, it makes clothes more than clothing, they’re the visual stories of you and me. It’s crazy what a pair of 3M heels can do over a simple grey pair. You can see straight away from their most recent collections that they’re sportswear mixed with minimal high fashion, and I honestly haven’t ever seen anything like it before. They take some silhouettes which are popular now and completely change them. They’re changing what women’s minimal high fashion classically could look like and turning it into something so futuristic and slightly masculine trend I love it. The pair stating, ‘We really like the idea of giving the past a different twist.’

“Our customers should be free to wear feathers, acid colours, glitter, sporty yet always feminine pieces; there should be no limitations to a woman’s wardrobe.”

Ashleigh SandersonComment