5 Fall Winter Trends For 2019 - 2020

This winter season, more than ever we saw how much women were in the spotlight during Fashion Week. From Miuccia Prada to Victoria Beckham, all of these inspiring women decided to pay tribute the all of the women in the world.


This season, Fashion has decided to borrow Punk references for its fight for women — Whom not used as object anymore, these women are rebellious and railing against the patriarchal system that has been installed by men all around the world and for decades. For this, designers have used a lot of black, leather, leather jackets encrusted with nails and Scottish pattern.


Oversize shoulder pads have been a trend for quite a long time now, but this season they knew how to assert themselves on the fashion scene — Giving us so many possibilities with the forms, volumes and materials.


Faux Fur is definitely a staple for winter season, the epitome of feminity and chic, it is classic and timeless at once and it will keep you warm in the freezing cold.


When you think about neon, you immediately think about the 70’s, parties and unconventional colours. — However, neon trend was not a hit these last few years, it popularized itself through instagram and streetwear recently.


Satin has always been a luxurious weave, and this season, fashion decided to reincorporate it in its world to bring fantasy, sensuality and passion.