Everything That Was Wrong With The Chanel Resort Collection

Karl Lagerfeld's successor, Virginie Viard, unveils her debut collection for the brand.


When we first heard that Viard’s debut collection for Chanel would be the Cruise 2020 collection, we weren’t expecting much. Chanel hasn’t evolved much as a brand for as long as we can remember, so we expected this collection to be like any other previous one.

But boy were we wrong… Jokes, this collection felt and looked like any other Chanel one, as Viard didn’t stray much from Lagerfeld’s vision. This is good news for those OG Chanel lovers, but bad for those of us who hoped for a new and rebranded Chanel launch.

“A palette of softly washed pastel tones at the Chanel Cruise shoe ranging from light blue to lilac.”

There were references to the classic Chanel suits worn by icons like Jackie Kennedy and Romy Schneider, and Viard kept to the thorough theme of tweed that Chanel is known for; the debut collection was a clear success, However, there were still too many negative aspects to count.

Where was the diversity? Did the casting directors not question why we’re still seeing a sea of white models flooding the runway and little to no diversity? There’s also only so many times you can “recreate” tweed, and please why the train station set design? Louis Vuitton did this back then for their F/W 2012 collection

Apart from the criticism, we do wish Viard a successful venture at Chanel, though we guess it won’t be long until she’s replaced by a more notable name in the industry. Until then Viard!