Fashion De-Sign: Astrology And Style.

Apart from your sun sign, you may as well check your rising, moon, and venus.


Aries, known for its courage and ruled by Mars. They are fearless when it comes to take the first step, to start something new. Bold, raw, with a hint of child-like behaviour, they will never leave that young heart behind and that’s what makes them like a breeze of fresh air to be with. Vivienne Westwood rebelled against the hippie trend going on during the 60s and started creating clothes with a very notorious identity: sex and rock n roll. Helping shape the punk era with edgy garments that referenced “kinky” sexual practices like rubber dresses and stilettos with spikes, it provoked society with its designs in a rather cheeky way. It would take what made the audience uncomfortable and bothered, and play with it as if it was no big deal to get a reaction. Controversial, loud and bold, just like a good Aries.


Taurus, a Venusian sign, makes its way with grace and elegance. They tend to transform their surroundings for them to meet their harmonious and luxurious standards. They are not big risk-takers until their success is guaranteed and they rather stay the same –doing good on the things they know– than change. Moving at a slow pace they still adapt, but always staying true to who they are and to their beliefs. We can observe that the same happens with Valentino. Known for its signature pure red dress, its style is essentially classic and lady-like, keeping cuts conservative, or traditional if you may. Valentino stands for opulence with soft touches of romance and so does Taurus. Everything they do is done with love and it shows on the quality of their work. Their main goal is to deliver the best and nothing but the best.


Gemini, our Mercury ruled friend. Built on communication, they certainly always have something to say, but that doesn’t mean that whatever comes out of their mouth hasn’t been thoroughly analysed before. They are always looking for something new to see, to do, to build, to listen to, and their creative mind is constantly in search for ways to communicate this need of innovation. They will not settle for what’s known, they are bored of it already. Iris Van Herpen shows these very same traits on its pieces. Created with an all-new 3D-printing construction technique, each garment has a futuristic and never-seen-before aesthetic that connects to an obvious desire of moving forward. The cuts tend to have an unnatural and unfamiliar form, almost sculpture-like, but they still remain adaptable and give off the illusion of them having a fluid movement, just like a Gemini.


Child of the Moon and water sign, Cancer. Often described as “cry-baby”, Cancer is not afraid when it comes to feelings, unlike others. They are romantics –but no fools– and they believe in the traditional fairy tale love, but despite this they still have a hard time opening up completely. The listeners of the zodiac; they offer protection to anyone they consider needs it. A little bit afraid of change, since they are constantly dwelling in the past and good times long gone, they still evolve to be a wiser and more mature version of themselves one step at a time. Givenchy fairly meets the Cancer description with a chic and feminine style. Known for its elegance since the beginning of the 50s, every piece appears to be timeless in its aristocratic world. The fabrics and cuts always are impeccable, not so bold as others may want but in favour of romance and sophistication, creating an aesthetic of softness and grace in which anyone can live in.


The sun itself, our well-known Leo. Anyone would recognise a Leo due to their theatrical ways of expressing themselves, they will put on a show about the smallest thing in their life. Carrying this light with them, they have the power to shine and make others shine too. Not so prone to change, unless it’s for the better, the bigger, the brighter, you get it. With a beautiful big heart, they go through life spilling love to anyone they run into. They are hopeless romantics and they have this ability to freshly re-invent already established ideas. Versace matches perfectly this description, bringing pieces with exaggerated prints and gold shades all over them. It’s dramatic, luxurious, alluring, revealing. You know it’s Versace the moment you see it. It has evolved from its signature style back in 80s but it has never lost its true essence.


Virgo, Mercury ruled sign. They know what they want, how they want it, and they have the eloquence to communicate it without any issue. Known perfectionists, they always keep an eye on the smallest details, and seek excellence in everything they do. They are not so bold in terms of stepping out of their comfort zone in fear of not being the best at it; as any other earth sign they would rather stick with what they know works for them –the classic, the traditional– and excel at it. We can find these same traits in Tom Ford, which in terms of perfection and sophistication is second to none. Its cuts are fairly structural and familiar, matching with an aesthetic of a more than fancy night out, but with a rather sexy and glamourous approach to it. Tom Ford is also known for its sexual, racy, imagery when it comes to ads, always ready to cause controversy and good publicity.


Venusian baby, Libra. Their goal in life is to reach a harmonious and pleasant state of being, and they want their surroundings to match with this energy. Known social butterflies without even trying, friends and good times are a must for most Libras. They are very simple and practical yet manage to look flawlessly unique and totally appealing to the eye, without mentioning that all of this comes effortlessly. Jacquemus fits pretty well this description. With a completely relaxed and colourful South-of-France-ish aesthetic, it’s conquering the fashion world. The garments stand out for their simplicity while having exaggerated segments and unravelled silhouettes, and the main theme of almost every collection revolves around pleasure and the beauty of ordinary little things.


Scorpio, Mars ruled water sign. They tend to put on an intimidating façade, causing a fierce first impression for everyone that they don’t know pretty well, but they are actually pretty loving and caring. Loyal to their loved ones, they would go unthinkable lengths for them without giving it a second thought. They are action, death and rebirth. They have a taste for the unconventional, and even if they don’t put themselves on the spotlight that much they sure love to shine a light on the ones they think are worthy of it. Alexander McQueen is known for its atypical designs and themes. Everyone expects for the garments to be daring, provocative –not necessarily in a sexual way, but could also apply–, and dramatic. Alexander McQueen style was built on the strange and the raw and it constantly makes it beautiful on every runway.


The planet of expansion, Jupiter, is in charge of Sagittarius. They are always ready to expand their horizons and make everything bigger and bolder in a quite theatrical manner. Staying true to themselves, they are not afraid of speaking up about what they believe in. They usually play with fantasy, philosophy and even religion. They are here to say what everyone is afraid to say, fearing no controversy, they will just move on to the next topic and leave everyone with an open mouth. Mugler goes accordingly with Sagittarius. It perfectly mixes reality and fantasy, paving the way for anyone who dares to maximise confidence and seduction. The garments take the human being and transform it into something ahead of our time and out of this world, pushing boundaries of what is consider to be fashion.


Saturn ruled and the last earth sign, Capricorn. Capricorn is known for their need of excellence, they know no rest until they meet their goals and that’s how they actually get things done. With an impeccable yet classic taste, Capricorn moves through life gracefully and makes it seem effortless. They are not here to break any mold but to grow out of it. They don’t express radical change or behaviour but they have improved since the last time you saw them, they won’t stay the same but they won’t completely forget who they were either, they will just better themselves. Yves Saint Laurent holds the same characteristics as Capricorn. It changed for what they think would be the best, but it has never lost its recognisable aesthetic. Classic, expensive, chic. It brought practicality and simplicity with an androgynous modern style for women, making it easier for them to figuratively and literally wear the pants.


Aquarius, the rebellious and independent child of Saturn. They appear kind of confused when it comes to find words that can describe their style, or even who they are or how they work, since the sun here is at its weakest point. It’s hard for an Aquarius to have a sense of identity, but funnily enough, that’s a big part of it. They are everything and nothing, everyone and no one. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac so they feel the need to help people –while simultaneously staying away from them. They are ambitious and creative and they have what’s necessary to create things that no one has ever think about before. Comme Des Garçons appears to be the perfect match of Aquarius. Its unusual garments came to life because they were what was needed and wanted, and no other brand would meet these needs. They are unique and uncommon, and the design process is too since Rei Kawakubo, creative director, does not sketch or style any piece she creates. It’s hard to define the Comme Des Garçons style, as it’s hard to define an Aquarius, they just are who they are.


Pisces, the last of twelve, ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is famous for daydreaming. They tend to be idealists and to have their head a bit in the clouds, but that doesn’t mean that their feet are not in the ground. Always aware of everything that’s going on around them, they sometimes have rose-coloured glasses on but still are very much aware. They are sensitive and eccentric, and they have a strange sense of humour. They take pride in being delicate and vulnerable because it takes a lot of courage to be it in such a difficult world, and Rodarte does too. Rodarte is the definition of being in your own world, that’s the brand’s signature. It has a peculiar aesthetic, mixing femininity, high fashion and California vibes in romantic and sometimes kind of dark pieces. It shows an enormous attention to custom hand embroidery, as well as any little detail, and it’s generally describe as an excellent middle ground between dreams and reality.

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