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Sustainable, Ethical And Of Course Fashionable

Bethany CrowleyComment
Sustainable, Ethical And Of Course Fashionable

Sustainable, Ethical And Of Course Fashionable

Fashion plays a major role in today’s global economy; and is the second most polluting industry on a global scale. Despite the fact that we as the consumers love fashion so much, certain categories could be viewed as misleading or even a delusion. Are you aware of how and where your clothes are made? Is the price you paid ethical? In order to protect our Earth and prevent modern slavery things must change. One of the ways to do this is by supporting brands which promote their brand ethos as being both ethical and sustainable.

So, what is the difference between ethical and sustainable, and why are both so important?

Ethical fashion: in a nutshell -

There are certain factors that contribute to ethical fashion. These consist of: workers of the brand being paid living wages, as well as being treated fairly and morally. When employees work in good conditions this also contributes to ethical fashion. I also view the environmental impact that the production processes have as crucial to how ethical a brand is; reducing the carbon footprint is what every ethical brand should aim for.

Sustainable fashion: what does it mean?

In my opinion, sustainable fashion is about environmental consciousness, the affect it is having on the Earth and in terms of how environmentally friendly the production as well as distribution process is. Are the materials used organic? Are the fibres recycled? Is the packaging bio-degradable? A sustainable brand will go to extents to reduce their carbon footprint, be eco-friendly and environmentally aware.

Here are some amazing brands that are sustainable, ethical and of course fashionable: -

1.) Lucy & Yak

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Lucy & Yak is a quirky brand that produce high-quality garments which are unique and stylish. They are extremely driven to run their brand with a strong ethos that greatly support factors that make a brand both ethical and sustainable.

Lucy & Yak view the environment as extremely important and have even gone as far as fully eradicating all plastic in their production and distribution process, they have switched to 100% bio-degradable mailing bags courtesy of As well as this, they only use organic materials - eliminating any issues with environmental factors and are in the process of installing solar panels onto their factory.

In terms of ensuring that their brand is completely ethical, they have comfortable working conditions for their employees. Also paying them above living wage makes them highly ethical and fair.

You can guarantee fantastic quality fashion from Lucy & Yak but also relax your conscience as they’re an extremely ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

2.) Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes is a brand which specialises in ‘superior denim and apparel’, along with this they also prioritise focusing on remaining an ethical and sustainable brand. All products are ethically produced – in safe conditions, with good human rights and pay is the living wage.

 All of Monkee Genes’ production is organic – with naturally grown fibres. This is ethical and sustainable as no harmful pesticides are used and therefore it won’t cause any harm to the environment, animals or farmers.

Monkee Genes quote themselves – ‘we are committed to being a relevant and sustainable denim brand, dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, good working conditions and human rights.’ So if you’re looking for the perfect pair of denims or even a cool tee which has been consciously made then definitely consider Monkee Genes as they’re of great quality, very stylish and are making a great imprint on the fashion industry; spreading and supporting important knowledge of sustainability and ethical fashion.

‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears.’

 3.) Maggie Marilyn


My final recommendation for both sustainable and ethical fashion brands would have to be this lovely brand – Maggie Marilyn, whose ultimate aim is to make a change in the fashion industry; she has a ‘sustainable mission’ as quoted by herself.

Part of her mission is ensuring that all production of her clothes is both ethical and sustainable. Some of the ways she does this are: by using local manufacturers, this provides jobs for local economy so is therefore more ethical. As well as this – her distribution process uses less fuel and so is better for the environment. She has very good values and believes that the consumer should be aware of where the garment is from.

Maggie Marilyn uses natural fabrications – as you know, this is better for the environment. Her employees are paid the living wage, and she always considers the environmental impact of production and distribution. All packaging is biodegradable so no need to worry about that.

If you’re after luxurious, fashionable clothing which respects both the environment and human rights then this is the perfect brand for you!

Maggie is an environmentalist and is constantly working on making her brand as ethical and sustainable as it can be.

As the consumers we can make a change! We need to shop more carefully, considering the impacts both on the environment and human rights. Sustainable and ethical fashion should be our future –  it begins with us as the consumers.