Why Korea Has Become One Of The Most Influential Cities In The World For Fashion

In less than two months, Seoul Fashion Week will shows itself to the world. The Seoul Fashion Week has become one of the most waited fashion week after the four traditional cities : London, Paris, New York and Milan. The korean style is definitely exporting itself through the world with its special aesthetic.
Seoul Fashion Week SS17 Backstage: Kimmy J

Seoul Fashion Week SS17 Backstage: Kimmy J

Another key thing to remember is that Korean’s style came with Kpop Idols during the 90’s, Koreans at that time were fed up and still shocked after what happened with Cold War and the separation between the North and the South in 1945. Some groups, for instance, like Fin.K.L , H.O.T or S.E.S brought to Korea a new fresh era for music and fashion. Although Koreans were used to pop music, they weren’t used to the crazy hip-hop, weird fashion, crazy hairstyles and so on… Moreover, it didn’t take much time for people to enjoy and fall in love the new era that they were living in…

After 2009, the Kpop industry exploded, literally. Koreans were all crazy about it, it was new, fresh and selling dreams. The modern Western, had conquered the entire country and not only Korea, but the entire world. Furthermore, some Kpop Idols, became fashion icons over the past few years…


Among them, we can quote G-Dragon from the famous boys band : Big Bang. Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon, has come a long way since Big Bang’s debut and has made his name in the fashion industry with his very special style.

G Dragon for ELLE Japan, April 2016.

G Dragon for ELLE Japan, April 2016.

However, Know Ji Yong is not the only one who get himself talked about for his fashion, the four group members BLACK PINK composed with Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie are the babies of High Fashion. Since their debut,the fair-haired of YG’s entertainment, always have been dressed with designers clothes. From vintage Gucci to Alexander Mcqueen, Black Pink’s stylist decided the best for the girls although the clothes are very expensive. Nothing is enough for the YG’s princess. To that end, everything that the girls wore will be fully accepted by the fashion world and the fans. Not to mention that groups like 2NE1 for example, brought introduced high-end fashion labels such as Givenchy and Balmain to the Korean public. What people have to understand is that Kpop Idols and fashion are intimately linked, with the Korean wave sweeping over the world, it is not surprising to see it encompass fashion.

BLACKPINK for Vogue Korea, August 2018.

Pioneers like Lie Sang-Bong, helped Korean’s fashion to make its voice during the 90’s.  He is a major fashion designer who shows Korean fashion in pret-a-porter, the core of world-fashion. His first collection in 1993 called “The Reincarnation” helped him to gain attention from the Korean fashion community, with his own print and style inspired by Western clothing lines, incorporating Korean motifs as hangeul, pine trees, patchwork or traditional embroidery. Furthermore with all of the prizes that he owned, he has become one of the most prominent Korean designer.


Fashion in Korea nowadays is way much important than three years ago… It is an integral part of Korean culture, invitable…

Several types of styles appeared, but one of the most famous ones are :
– Oversizing. Men and woman love this new trend which consists on wearing bigger clothes to give a special cozy, casual use and comfort outfits.
– The school style has become one of the most worn one. Since Koreans have to wear a school uniform throughout their school years, it is common now to see people wearing this style outside the school with long socks and habitually plaid material.
– And another one among many others : the couple oufit. Koreans want to show their love to the world, that’s why it is very typical now to see Koreans couple wearing the same outfit, from head to toes.


All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that Korean fashion has proved it worth to the fashion world. Pioneers like Lie Sang-Boog and Andre Kim, helped Korea to make its own way to this tremendous world that is fashion. However, its fashion has become one of the most followed through the entire world, due to Kpop Idols who literally reinvented the whole concept of fashion in Korea.

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