Designers To Watch: Edda Gimnes.


Graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015, Norwegian designer Edda Gimnes, is making her way to success and recognition with a fashion meets art mind-set. She was given the 2015 BFTA Saga Fur competition award and the 2016 International Fur Federations Remix bronze award, and is now considered to be a “designer to watch” internationally. Edda’s designs have already been worn by Lady Gaga, Gigi and Bella Hadid, among others, and they have been featured in various fashion magazines around the world. In addition to her increasing success, many people have pointed out that her creativity was a source of inspiration for Jeremy Scott on his Moschino Spring ‘19 collection.

Her brand focuses on playfulness, innocence, and brings to the table a fresh new wave of uninterrupted fun. With rather naïve cuts and prominent graphic prints, it’s easy to make everyone turn their heads and ask who designed those pieces of perfect imperfection.

Edda’s design process is innovative and she often says she “finishes it where others start.” She begins with some research; she tries to tell a story with all her collections and for every story an introduction, a main plot, and a well-written conclusion are needed. She looks for inspiration, generally in libraries, to start gathering all the pieces to later put together. After she’s satisfied with everything she collected, she puts it up on a wall and gives form to the new draft of a story that’s now in front of her.

To her, colours and drawings are still the most important part of the whole process since they will become the first thing to catch people’s eyes. She sketches with her non-dominant hand for the drawings to exude naivety and quirkiness and then they are materialised on the pieces, fresh from the sheets of paper.

We are more than excited to see what she’s going to deliver on future collections, and our best wishes go to her great and creative mind on her path to a well-deserved recognition.

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