A Look At BLACKPINK's Fashion In 'Kill This Love' MV

Not only is ‘Kill This Love’ now the fastest YouTube video to reach 100 million views, the The K-pop girl group’s MV features a wardrobe that only dreams are made of.

In the chorus, each member is seen sporting pieces from various different brands. Who would Jennie be if she wasn’t seen wearing at least one item from Chanel? And so yes, she is wearing Chanel gloves as well as a a Me Dic Al crop top. Rosé also wears a jacket from Me Dic Al with a Dior Men’s S/S 2018 belt. Jisoo wears a Heliot Emil shirt paired with Demonia knee high laced boots. Lastly, Lisa wears a Hyein Seo top with a 1017 Alyx 9SM bag across the chest.

In this scene, Lisa wears a Celine bustier dress paired with Givenchy glasses. Jisoo wears a Versace floral tulle dress and Jennie wears Chanel 'La Pausa' top and YCH × att thigh high boots.

In Rosé’s solo scenes, she is seen wearing a Versace logo-print mini dress and 'Nastro' white pumps, and then an Alexander McQueen S/S 2019 dress.

In Jisoo’s solo scene, she wears a Givenchy Silk Pleated Gown and in another scene, Samsung Galaxy Buds and Hei hoop earrings.

In this scene, Jennie wears a black and white lace bodysuit from YCH S/S 2019. Courtesy of YCH.

In the duo’s iconic rap scene, Lisa wears Versace bra top and Alexander McQueen peplum biker jacket.

In Lisa’s solo rap scene, she wears an Alexander Wang white mesh tee and Yello knee-high denim boots.