Kim Jones Has Created Dior Stage Outfits For BTS


Its no surprise that a major menswear designer would try to snatch up BTS before it was too late, and thats just what Kim Jones from Dior Homme has done. He took to Instagram to announce the news that he will be dressing the South Korean group BTS during their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour which has already kicked off (and I will be attending when they come to London next month!)

The British fashion designer took to Instagram on Friday to announce the news, posting a sketch of the outfits along with the text: “Excited to announce the tour costumes for BTS by Dior.” The sketches show the seven members of the band sporting military boots, cargo pants, saddle bags and harnesses.

“I love BTS because they are really great guys and also super into fashion,” said Jones having met the band earlier this year. “Everyone I know is kind of crazy about them.”