The Canadian Fashion Magazine You're Missing Out On

The Canadian Fashion Magazine You're Missing Out On

Dress to Kill magazine is a print and media-based publication that focuses on the creative representation of fashion and culture through writing and editorials. This Canadian brand is a small but growing community of fashion and beauty enthusiasts who represent the epitome of luxurious Canadian lifestyle, specifically publishing out of Vancouver and Toronto. The artistic efforts and exceptional execution of fashion and Canadian depiction is what sets this zine apart from all others within the industry, in its uniqueness and visionary innovation.

For the past eleven years, Dress to Kill has been a platform that has allowed freedom of expression in extensive ways that traditional magazines do not promote. The zine aims at providing creative articulation to talented Canadians who contribute their edgy artistic abilities to a independent magazine that promotes culture through forms of art in an iconic way. This publishing company is a powerhouse that is both informative yet imaginative through an editorial vision that has changed the game of fashion publishing.

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Rachelle Harris in the DTK Winter Luxury Issue 2018

Nicole Mior