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5 Must-Haves Pieces For This Winter Season

Houssem El ghoulComment
5 Must-Haves Pieces For This Winter Season

When we think about winter season, we immediately think about all of the multiple layers of clothing that our parents made us worn… Traumatic right?…

However, since we all developed our sense of fashion in our own way, winter might be your favorite season. When it’s winter time, we’re all fed up because we’re back to work or studies, the cold is unbearable and the sky sets up earlier. While our mind is thinking about the invigorating summer that we had, the books that we read outside, scorched by the sweat sun and the never-ending convivial meals with friends, our body is freezing to death waiting for our coffee, to warm up ourselves…

That is why a list of 5 must haves pieces is necessary at this moment, to stay fashionable, comfortable and warmed.

Padded Jacket


We all know it, padded jacket has definitely proved its worth through the entire world with its trendy design, and the fact that it is comfy and definitely warm concurrently.

Padded Jacket through the time diversified itself, it went from a total simple design to incredible forms and proportions by way of different original fabrics.



Parkas were meant for the periods of extreme cold in Russia, and since then the parka sensation hasn’t stopped growing all over the world. The Parkas weren’t known for their elegant designs, but for their warm and impermeability, although nowadays parkas are definitely known for their peculiarity, fashionable cuts and shapes and the most important thing : the fact that they give us protection during freezing weather.



When you think about cashmere, you immediately think about its price and valuable quality, which is definitely not a bad thing right… except for the price.

However, cashmere is clearly a must have for the winter season, visually it is beautiful and concretely, it is : warm, soft and comfortable.

faux fur


Faux fur is regular in the must haves every year, especially since that fashion wants to move forwards when it comes to ecology. Fashion this year is definitely part of the green movement more than ever…

We all know it, faux fur is the epitome of chic and extravaganza, it is what could make your entire look different. It will keep you warm and clearly in vogue.



For ages suits have been considered “masculine” but since the 2000’s they’ve literally been popularized. (For our own sake.)

Moreover, celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham showed us how to rock the suits and to make it feminine, classy and fashionable.

This winter season, every woman should own a suit in her wardrobe, it matches so well with pretty much everything, and if you need inspiration on how to style them, you should definitely take a look on the last Fall Winter 2019 collection of The Row.