Made in Sweden

Swedish fashion has entered the fashion world since a while. Despite the best-known fast fashion brand that lefts North Europe fashion up, Swedish fashion made an unprecedent step in fashion, in terms of visibility and commitment, since its release of Stockholm fashion week in 2016.

H&M has not only helped Swedish fashion to be known. It also unable it to make a big step in the fashion industry in terms of exploration and commitment. Stockholm fashion week has made it big step in 2005, ever since it kindles a desire to become a scandinavian dreamer.

Stockholm fashion week puts a halo on minimalism Swedish looks, focused on artsy prints and led by a palette of pretty pastels looks as seen in Roland Hjort ‘ s 2018 Spring show. the Scandinavian inspiration makes us feel surrounded in an harmonic atmosphere, somewhere in Stockholm.

The incremental evolution of the swedish fashion from niche label to huge influencing label, is mainly led by labels based on slow fashion. Ethical brands that influenced H&M to take a step forward on creating fashion conscious.

This gentle, subtle, raffiné but make it seen look is embodied by Instagram influencers.

They might have an American inspiration look but their mindset is European, from Tv personality Bianca Ingrosso, to influencer Matilda Djerf, here’s the go-to follow instagram, in order to not miss a single piece of your European look.

Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso, has this extra but chic look, that she could wear a wedding jumpsuit to showcast a Tv music contest.


Matilda Djerf embodies the chic European side of Swedish fashion, she can unearthed some real vintage chanel heels for you if you give her a good book to read.


Entrepreneur and fashion blogger Hanna Schonberg, makes her outfits speak for herself, it displays a fashion dreamer shoved by oversized and all kind of blazers.


Swedish football player, Petronella Ekroth, is the proof that fashion is a sport. she moved to Turin to play for Juventus Woman football team. She ever since uses Turin as her favorite photoshoot spot, to let her fans take a look at her chic versatile look, focused on a mix of high and fast fashion.