Raf Simons Presents His Anti-America Collection At Menswear PFW

Raf Simons presents his SS20 menswear collection today, picking a venue located on the outskirts of Paris to implement his vision to the industries select individuals. Although Simons’ didn’t provide show notes this season, the collection evidently spoke for itself. Its been 8 months since his departure at the Calvin Klein fashion house, so essentially the underlying message here was a massive “f**k u” to the brand.

His anti-American agenda, alongside his attention to youth culture is made evident throughout the collection; micro shorts, paired with high-rise vinyl boots, slouched sweaters and the attention to oversized outerwear and blazers.

As guests sat around the runway on hundreds of office chairs that were wrapped up in black plastic foil, it seemed to be a blatant reference to office culture in corporate America, so no, it wasn’t due to low budget. And lastly, the last “f**k u” was the prominent slogans that reoccured throughout the collection, including “Stone(d) America” and “My Own Private Antwerp”, showing that his place was never meant to be in America, but back home.

Erika HansonComment