Is The New Bottega Veneta The Old-Céline?

Yesterday in Milan, Daniel Lee unveiled his debut for the Kering-owned brand, Bottega Veneta. The 32-year-old English creative director joined the Italian brand in early 2018. However, what makes his succession so notable is that he was previously Phoebe Philo’s protégé under the - also Kering-owned brand - Céline.

It was 10 degrees in Milan and the Bottega Veneta show took place in a see-through glass building, allowing the attendees to preview the collection in the daylight. Deconstructed silhouettes and exaggerated structures; the goal of Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta debut was to evoke emotion, and he certainly succeeded. He eloquently mixed modern minimalism and classic chic in his FW19 collection.

Headlines draw attention to the fact that the “new” Bottega Veneta shares a similar resemblance to the ever-so-loved Old Céline, but is this truly the case? Is Daniel Lee the new Phoebe Philo - or is that an insult to Philo? If you watched the show yourself, you’d know this wasn’t the case. We all had high expectations for the collection, and maybe we were slightly disappointed in some of the designs, but we need Lee to create just one more collection before we make any rash decisions. The matter of fact is, it wasn’t old Céline or old Bottega Veneta, it was new Bottega Veneta.

Erika HansonComment