Gender Fluidity Done Right at Maison Margiela

Mr. Galliano and I share a lot in common; We work in fashion, we both were born in Gibraltar… and we both love Maison Margiela.

John Galliano’s work for Maison Margiela never disappoints. He knows the direction of the brand and who their consumer is more than anyone, and thats why his collections at the fashion house are always successful. This season, there was a focus on oversized tailoring, quilted coats and green-marled flamingo bottoms. Though the footwear looked like the ones my mum used to buy me for school when I was in year 2, everything else was seamlessly presented.

However, what took centre-stage this season was hair and beauty. Some models look like they were about the dance in the swan lake, whilst others seemed to meet their worst enemy; hair gel. Makeup was simple and not overpowering, keeping the focus on the hair and on the collections, but there was always space to have an eyebrow moment.

Erika HansonComment