Prada Used As A Political Weapon

For this Fall Ready To Wear collection, Miuccia went for a gothic collection mixed with strict, sophisticated and romantic silhouettes straight from Mary Shelly’s story : Frankenstein.

Prada © Alessandro Garofalo/Reuter.

Prada © Alessandro Garofalo/Reuter.

This collection was more political than ever, from total military looks accompanied with massive black leather rangers, military jacket, gloomy khaki colors and ushanka, to very feminine, classy and chic silhouettes with deep low-cut neckline, lace, rose print motif and silk. This collection as the last ones, was very Prada, in agreement with Prada’s roots…

However, the show was not only about the dark gothic set at the Fondazione Prada, it was politically engaged, as we know Miuccia takes the concflit of the world very seriously, and that is why she really used her fall collection to spread a message of love, because the world is “overwhelmed with evil” and each girls of the show incarnate a “love story” — And the fear of war, was also part of the contradictory atmosphere between romance and darkness.

With this collection, Miuccia knew how to kindle her desire to create a “serious fashion” to spread her political opinions about, “war, fear, women and empowerment” — But not only, to bring back the old traditional Prada woman who is determined, strong, self-assured and refined.


Houssem El GhoulComment