How To Land Your Dream Internship

From interning to companies like ELLE to luxury fashion houses like Stella McCartney; Here is my guide to land your dream internship.

Word of advice: Posted internship ads are the last place you should be looking, and my saving grace was Fashion Monitor. At the end of 2018, I needed to find a full-time internship for my second term of university and thus began the hunt of finding a fashion internship that I would spend close to 4 months at. Fashion Monitor is the haven to find contact details for nearly everyone whose anyone across all industries. I filtered contacts down to those affiliated with fashion and those who’re based in London. With hundreds of people to choose from, I started to send my CV and cover letter to those who worked at brands I would consider working for. In no time I started to receive replies, mainly those saying that there were no opportunities available, but then came the ones that were interested.

To give you an idea of what my CV consisted of that might’ve caught the attention of those that responded; Nothing. In all seriousness, I had no fashion related experience, only that I was on a fashion degree and had skills in Adobe suite. Apart from that, my CV had a graphic design aspect to it and didn’t look like the stereotypical word document ones. I found that some people passed my details onto other people and so on, thus more opportunities.

Websites like LinkedIn, UK Fashion Jobs, Fashion Workie and BoF Careers were also helpful to scout for opportunities but you’re up against competition so standing out against others is essential. Following individuals on social media also helps as you can see if any job opportunities arise and be the first to see them. I DM’d the editor of Dazed Digital when I saw her post that they were looking for people and she responded. However, I got offered a Dazed internship back in February but through contacting her colleague on Fashion Monitor. So essentially, get Fashion Monitor. 


My first internship ended up being at ELLE magazine for 4 weeks, but before that Condé Nast reached out and asked if I could work a paid temporary position as they no longer do internships that are short term. After ELLE, I found myself at Stella McCartney for a shorter PR stint which led me to the realisation that I don’t want to work in PR. Last but not least, I was offered a showroom assistant position in Paris for around 2 weeks for RTW appointments with the fashion house Jenny Packham. 

Internships are a very valuable experience to have, whether you end up loving or hating it. In an industry this cut-throat, there is always constant competition between us all just trying to get our names recognised.

Erika Hanson