Erika Hanson

Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

Erika Hanson
Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

If you’re like me and find comfort in sitting back and listening to a fashion-orientated podcast, then this article is for you.

Finding a good podcast is like picking the right watermelon; there’ll be one good one amongst many bad ones.

I used to workout and listen to many podcasts a week, finding that it motivated me and educated me at the same time and so finding the right one to listen to was a task. Now, having listened to more than my fair share, I’ve compiled a list of ones that were either interesting, educating or ones you can just listen to whilst you’re doing goodness knows what!

BOF: The Business of Fashion 

Latest Podcast: The BoF Podcast: Inside H&M’s $4 Billion Inventory Challenge.

BoF’s Lauren Sherman and Sarah Kent in conversation with John Thorbeck as they discuss the challenges of inventory facing H&M, its competitors and the wider fashion industry.


Latest Podcast: This week they discuss the role of auction houses in the collecting of historic dress in a continued conversation with Timothy Long, Director, Senior Specialist of Couture and Luxury Accessories for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.

Fashion Culture Design

Latest Podcast: The butcher’s son who lost his name, dressed France’s First Lady along with many of Hollywood’s, got his name back, has maisons in Mayfair and Madison Avenue, was once a model, sounds French and yet doesn’t drink coffee. Ladies and gentlemen FCD’s latest podcast is with the youthful and exuberant Roland Mouret.

Fashion Revolution

Latest Podcast: Explores the practical ways local, national and international players can help bring about justice for garment workers globally. 

Fashion No Filter

Latest Podcast: Monica and Camille head to Paris’ most famous shopping street to meet Clara Cornet, the creative and buying director for the new Galeries Lafayettes at 60 avenue des Champs Élysée.

The Cutting Room Floor

Latest Podcast: In this interview Tiia Richardson talks all things denim. As a Denim specialist with over twenty years of experience she has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, RRL, and Tommy Hilfiger. She tells us why the best have studied at the house of Levi's and educates us on denim terminology.

Fashion Unzipped

Latest Podcast: Katherine Ormerod and Alex Light join The Telegraph’s Senior Fashion Editor, Charlie Gowans-Eglinton to talk about why it’s important to scroll “actively” and whether they worry about over-sharing online. Plus, they share their secrets to making the platform work for your mental health, not against it.