Tattoo Artists You Need To Know

Stay pretty in ink with some of our favourite artists from around the world. Even if you’re not tattooed yourself, it’s worth following them for a beautiful daily dose of art, stories, and advice.



Home Base: Toronto, Canada

amazing linework with bright and bold colours



Home Base: Seattle, USA

beautiful handpoked designs with a meaningful story behind each one



Home Base: Toronto, Canada

keep an particular eye out for his red and black ink tattoos, which add new dimension to designs



Home Base: New York City, USA

her dreamy designs always take my breath away, her stories are an added bonus: full of wry and honest advice and opinions



Home Base: Brighton, UK

his distinct style is extremely refreshing, added touches of colour elevate all his designs


Home Base: Seoul, Korea

her signature tiny gems exemplify the precision and attention to detail that goes into tattooing



Home Base: Seoul, Korea

follow for colourful, geometric tattoos reminiscent of your favourite old school video games



Home Base: Los Angeles, USA

the intricate stick and poke hand tattoos are a personal favourite, but all her work is magical



Home Base: Toronto, Canada

follow for unique minimal style, which includes animated objects and lovely colour work. He stands out as an artist to keep your eye on