Marc Jacobs Weds Char Defrancesco in NYC

A year ago, the fashion designer proposed to his longtime partner in a Chipotle restaurant in NYC using a flash mob. Yesterday, the couple wed in style and later enjoyed a black tie reception at ‘The Grill’ where they were joined by their family and friends, including Anna Wintour, the Hadid sisters and Kate Moss.

The pair were seen sporting chic ensembles; Jacobs opting for formal attire with a Windsor knot tie and lily attached to his lapel, whilst Char opted for a green velvet blazer jacket with matching bow-tie. Can’t forget the Chanel classic flap bag seen being carried by Jacobs in the photos.

Each wedding attendee received a sweatshirt with ‘MARC AND CHAR APRIL 6, 2019” embroidered onto it, as well as a small thank you note to them.

How much do you want to bet that the tag didn’t say Marc Jacobs marriage by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs dressed by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs?

Erika HansonComment