Jacquemus Opened A Parisian Café

French Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, creator of miniature bags and oversized hats has opened a café business. His first café, Citron, will open as part of a new Galeries Lafayette concept store on the city’s iconic Champs-Élysées.

Jacquemus announced this dining venture on his own Instagram, sharing images of the decor and food to his 900k followers. The most notable being a citron that was created by pastry chef Cédric Grolet.

All in all, the café is very chic and has become very popular, which doesn’t come as a surprise as everything Simon Jacquemus does is admired and rated highly. With a Southern-French theme throughout; terracotta plant pots, lemon trees and wooden accents, the store also featured an oversized ‘le chiquito’ handbag, and lastly, a place to shop his latest collection before or after your dining experience. And if you were worried about Jacquemus’ lack of food experience, don’t stress: This is a partnership with the Parisian eatery Caviar Kaspia on the project.


Erika HansonComment