Exploring Madrid And Lisbon In Less Than Two Weeks

After a time struggling with paperwork for my student dream of going abroad for one semester, its finally the day. I was going away with a girl I met like one month before to leave my family and home to not just to different country - but to a different continent and culture. I was ready to roll.

We arrived at Madrid, were the airline lost my biggest suitcase, but oh well things happens; that was my first contact with the european ways and finding out the spanish boys really cute.

Without my biggest suitcase, me and my new friend went to the hotel and straight for some drinks. While we were still in the taxi, and on our way to the city you cound see from the car the beauty of the european buildings. I found Madrid and its people so different from my contry- so refreshing and cool. All smoking and drinking and enjoying a friday night like i never saw before.

Struggling a little with jet lag, we discovered the capital of Spain. All beauty everywhere, good food and good cheap wine. It took us four days of walking to be able to say that we met most of Madrid; me and my friend went from being almost strangers to bond at the Puerta del Sol while eating ice cream at 10 o’clock at night, that is a good way to star a friendship.

Royal palace of Madrid

Royal palace of Madrid


Afer that – with my suitcase recovered – we left Madrid to go to Badajoz, a little city near the portuguese border where we were gonna live for the next five months and a half. We met with a couple of new friends we met the following week who invited us to a small trip of three days to Lisbon, which was just two hours away.

I found myself in the capital of a beautiful country, very different from the rest of Europe - I can say that after traveling to other countries - with people who literally had just met and I'm loving it. Something i never thought of doing in my earlys 20’s. These are friends with whom you simply connect because of the beauty that surrounds you.

Lisbon has a lot of history and has different perspectives and incredible views. You have a lot to enjoy, Portugal is all wine and desserts, and one can not miss Belem's cakes. The people are warm and friendly and in every corner of the city there is something to admire.

Views of Lisbon

Views of Lisbon

At the end, most than the beauty or the architecture of one city, what you most remember from a trip is the company and how you enjoyed yourself, and that is something I will always remember.  

Photo credits: Estefania Banda